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Our Pedicure System Includes:
Pedi Wand
Nail Brush
Glass File
3 way Buffer File
Orange Wood Sticks(4pk)
Toe Seperators
Satin Edge Toe Nail Clipper
Basecoat 1/2 oz.

Our Pedicure System cleans and conditions the toenails and feet. Included is our Basecoat for a clean and natural look with a beautiful shine. Or if you like color, just use polish over the Basecoat.

After trimming the nail with your Satin Edge Toe nail Clippers, shape the free edge of your nail with the The Glass File . Use the Three Way Buffer on top of the nail. First using the Black side, then the White side and finish with the Gray side. Scrub the heals and bottoms of the feet with your Pedicure wand. Scrub with Nail Brush on top and underneaththe nails. While applying your base coat, use your Orange Wood Stick to wipe off any that gets on your cuticle immediately.

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