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     "The Whole Truth About Artificial Nails" 
     This Includes: 
     What’s that Awful Smell in Salons? 
      Do Your Nails Need to Breath? 
      Nail Fungus and What to do about it. 
     Thinking about Getting Artificial Nails? 
     How to Recover from Artificial Nails 

  • Articles 
     Being a Professional at Home 
     This Includes: 
     Why you get that Recurring Split in your Nail. 
     Should you cut your Cuticles? 
     What to Look for in a Professional Manicurist. 
     What those White Spots on your Nails Are. 

Wow, there is so much to say about nail care. My name is Terri Stanley. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and also Nail Technology Instructor in the state of North Carolina. As the previous owner of Nail Safari in Wilmington and a Consultant for Healthy Natural Nails.com and now the owner, I am going to share more than 30 years of experience with you through the resources that we provide on this website.
"I purchased my nail kit at a show here in St. Louis and within 1 month my nails were like they never had been before! They were strong and no peeling! I had dreamed of that all my life. I have told everyone I know about what a miracle worker the stone is. When I use the files people ask me where I get my nails done and I'm so proud to tell them "in my home relaxing on my bed!" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!"
Deb Hoseman

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