Artificial Nail Maintenance System

Artificial Nail Maintenance System
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Our Artificial Nail Maintenance System includes:
Nail Glue 1/8 oz.
Smile file 2 sided 180 grit
Orange Wood Sticks (4pk)
Three Way Buffer
Elasticoat 1/2 oz.
Cuticle Oil 1/2 oz.
Polish Remover Pads (6pk)
Sanding Stick
Nail Brush

The purpose of the Artificial Nail Maintenance System is not to replace professional maintenance, but to extend the time in between. This system gives you everything you need, files that are strong enough and fine enough to touch up an over due fill-in.

This system is a great way to start the process of growing your artificial nails off.

Non Acetone
No Formaldehyde
No Toluene
First use your Polish Remover Pads to remove all of the old polish. Then with the Smile File, file the top of the nail to blend the new growth with the product on the nail. Be very careful here not to over file. You don't want to file into your natural nail, just on the product. Use the same file on the free edge. Clean underneath the nails with your Sanding Stick . Wash off the dust and dry throughly. Now if you have any product lifting or peeling, use the Brush On Glue to reattach it. This is only feasible with minimal lifting. Nail glue should be used sparingly and carefully. It will stick to your skin quickly. Don't get it anywhere you don't want it to stay. Stroke on a line of Nail Glue on the edge of the product and on the natural nail. Stroke a line of Nail Glue on the free edge of the nail if needed. Wait for the glue to dry completely. Use the Three Way Buffer on all of the nails, first using the black side, then the white side and finish with the gray side. Scrub all the nails, top and underneath with a Nail Brush and soap. Top them off with what ever look you prefer. If you like colored polish, be sure to use a base coat and a top coat. Or you may choose a coat or two of Elasticoat.. After that, use the Cuticle Oil as often as you like. Cuticle Oil is a very important step in the health of your natural nail because it not only keeps the exterior of your cuticle moisturized but it adds nutrients to the matrix where your nail is formed. This is no ordinary Cuticle Oil unlike so many others that are just scented mineral oil. It is full of delicious essential oils.

In need of a fill-in
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Remove Polish with
Remover Pad

File Artificial Product with
Smile File

After filing with
Smile File

After filing with
Three Way Buffer

Clean underneath with
Sanding Stick

Apply Elasticoat or your favorite polish

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