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Our Nail Repair System includes:
Nail Glue 6 grm.
Mini File 2 sided
Alcohol Prep pads 8 pk.
Crack Attacker nail bandage 12 pk.
Elasticoat 1/2 oz.
All in a convenient organza storage bag.
Our Nail Repair System provides a way to mend a broken nail. It will buy you time to let it grow out.
Non Acetone
NO Formaldehyde
NO Toluene

Throw it in your travel bag and GO!
The most important step in putting anything on the surface of the nail is preparation. This needs to be done throughly to get the best possible strength and adhesion.
If it is a bad break, start with pushing it into place and put a line of Nail Glue on to stabilize it. Wait for it to dry. Buff the entire nail surface with your pink mini file. File enough to take off any shine and make it chalky. Clean the entire surface with your Alcohol Prep Pad. Let it dry. Now apply at least two coats of Elasticoat letting the first coat set a few minutes before applying the second. Depending on where the break is located and how badly it is broken, you may want to add more coats. You don't have to add all the coats at one time. You could choose to add another later in the day and another the following day. If you want to where colored polish, you may polish over the Elasticoat or just enjoy the beautiful high gloss shine on all ten fingernails. Choose the self adhesive crack attacker bandage that best fits the break. Peel it off the paper backing and place it over the break. Don't let the bandage hang off the edge of the nail because it will be susceptible to peeling off starting from that area.
Do Not use Elasticoat or any other product OVER the bandage. Put the bandage on last.

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