Most of us know that clear nail polish is the secret to nylon repair.
But I've compiled a list of other unusual uses. Most fixes use clear nail polish, but there are some ways to use those colors you thought you loved but never use. Here's one that saves time:
Use colored nail polish to mark the top of an electric cord (hair dryer, curling iron, i.e.,. Doing this lets you know immediately which way to plug it in so that the larger side of the plug is always in position to fit in the socket.

Mark the bottom of your serving dish that you take to a gathering so you can identify it more easily.

Coat metal snaps on clothes to prevent allergic reaction.

Coat the inside of costume jewelry, ear rings, rings and bracelets to prevent them from turning your skin green.

Use clear on chigger bites and ticks to kill them and stop the itching.

Tame frayed fabric and frayed shoe laces.

Soften the sharp edge of a cracked mirror by applying a thick coat of nail polish to the broken corner.

Fill little nicks in Wood Floors with clear nail polish. Rub the polish down with fine sand paper to dull the shine if needed.

Paint some nail polish along the bottom ring of metal containers (like hair spray bottles) so they don't leave rust marks on your counter.

Use colored nail polish to clearly mark levels on a bucket.

Coat screws, nuts and bolts with clear nail polish to prevent rusting.

Mark the right setting on your thermostat or that perfect shower temperature.

Mark a big bold 'X' on all poisons in the house.

Quick-Fix Glue, secure screws, repair small wood fractures, or re-set jewelry stones.

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Remember, Be good to your nails,
Terri Stanley

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