Perfect French Tips

Perfect French Tips allows you to have a salon fresh look. In addition compared to a salon polish, it holds up better. Doesn't readily chip or fade. There is a slight learning curve, but with a little practice they'll look like a professional job.
To remove, soak in Acetone for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe off with a paper towel. Do not pry off as this will cause damage to the nail.

Start with clean dry nails. Be sure not to apply lotion just before starting. Any oils on the nail will cause the glue not to adheare well.

Choose your tips
Choose the tip that best fits each nail. Lay out all ten tips in the order of pinkie to thumb. Write down the ones you used. This way you won't have to find them next time. If you decide one was too small or large, you can correct it one paper to avoid the same mistake twice. If you loose one, refer to your notes so you will know exactly which on to choose. You will be all set again in just a few minutes. If you have a nail that is in between sizes, use the next larger one but file the sides down before applying.
Applying the tips.
Apply Brush-On Fast Glue to back of tip covering the entire surface. Place on top of your natural nail and hold for a few seconds. Use orange wood stick to press the surface down. It may be more of a challenge to use your "bad" hand to do your "good" hand. In my case I am right handed and my left hand is very clumsy. I found it easier to hold the tip back side up and place my right hand finger on to it, then turn it over to adjust it if needed. Let dry. Bend handle back and forth to break it off. File edges lightly to smooth.
Finish up.
What you choose to finish with will determine how well these nails hold up. If you choose clear polish they will last for an event. If you choose to use clear gel, they will last until it grows out to far for the white smile line to look nice.
If you end up with glue,polish or gel touching the sides of your skin, wait for it all to dry and then file around the nail to clean it up.
How to Freshen up your Perfect French Manicure without starting from Scratch.
The shape of square nails tend to round off with use and in general get mis-shaped. Give your nails a basic manicure with the Perfect French Tips still in place. Place a line of glue around the free edge to re-seal any place that may be threatening to lift. Let dry. Then re-polish.
You may want to refer to the article
"How to do a professional manicure at home"

This article does not refer to the Perfect French Tips directly, but there is a lot of good information that you can use in every application and every day nail care.

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