HNN Gel Polish - No base coat or top coat needed. Easy to apply with no shrinkage or runs. Beautiful solid color.
You can do this! Gel application has gotten so easy. HNN's gel polish doesn't shrink or run. It goes on smooth and solid. No base coat or top coat needed. It has a beautiful high gloss shine with just two coats of color.
How to apply gel nails
1. Sanitize hands
2. Remove any polish on nails.
3. Push back the cuticle and shape the nail.
4. Buff the shine off of the natural nail.
5. Brush off the dust.
6. Wipe nail with cleanser and lint free wipe or use alcohol and a paper towel.
7. Apply thin coat of HNN Gel Polish. Careful not to get on cuticles. If you do you can wipe it off with the stick before curing
8. Cure each finger for 1 minute.
9. Apply thin second coat. Careful not to get on cuticles. If you do you can wipe it off with the stick before curing.
10. Cure for 2 minutes.

Your done. Enjoy your beautiful nails.

Q & A

Why D.I.Y? It's easy convenient and less expensive.

Why I don't recommend using tips? It is best not to use glue on a long term basis in addition to the need to blend the tip in with your nail bed. Blending the tip with your natural nail always files into the nail bed. HNN gel polish itself is strong so with a little patience your nails will be long in no time.

What if it turns out bumpy? If it is bumpy or wrinkles during cure, it has been applied to thickly.

How do I keep it from going on too thick? Wipe the brush on the inside of the bottle each time.

How to make the gel thinner? Place the bottle in a bowel of hot water for 5 minutes. Be sure that the lid is on tightly.

How to remove the gel? We provide handy removal wraps much like a bandage. Saturate the bandage with acetone, wrap fingertip and scrape off the softened gel after 10 minutes. You may also soak fingertips in a cup of pure acetone for about 10 minutes.

Why did my brush get hard? It should not be exposed to the UV light. Turn the lamp away or off while you are putting on another coat.

Should I do all ten fingers and then cure? I recommend that you cure each finger as you apply it. That way there is less chance of messing up your application before it is cured.

How do I keep it off the cuticles? Don't get too close to the cuticle.
You can "flash" each nail under the lamp to semi-set it in as you put it on. Or just wipe it with the stick before curing.