Prepare your nails for Winter:

The cold air out side and the heated air inside are tough on our nails.
I like to compare the nail to a wood board. You know a piece of timber. It is made of layers that react to the elements that it is exposed to. If you leave an unpainted board out in the rain and sun, then it begins to absorb water, dehydrates, then warps, splinters and weakens. Once the board is damaged there is no way to repair it, it must be replace. This is also the reason you must have an extremely fine file to shape the edge. Our Crystal Stone is finer than any emory board.
On the other hand, if it were painted or protected by various products like, sealer, stain, wax, oil or what
ever gives you the desired effect, it will be stronger and last longer. We protect our cars, decks, boats and outdoor furniture, so why aren't you doing it for your nails?
Nail and cuticle cream and cuticle oil are like teak oil on a boat.

Why do you need both?
Because they have different ingredients and meet different needs at different times. We suggest that you use one in the morning and the other at night and additional times when your hands are doing tough jobs.
Our cream is best used for keeping the nail and cuticle protected with beeswax and nourished with Vitamin E. Yet The cuticle Oil, penetrates all those delicious essential oils right into the skin and nail bed. Just what the doctor orders for dry cuticles and / or brittle nails. These products are now on sale. With this combination you will see a significant change in your nail and cuticle health. Enjoy these savings and save your nails and cuticles.
Remember, Be good to your nails,
Terri Stanley


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