The tale tale sign of a professional manicure is the super smooth glass-like finish.

Your biggest enemy here is your time. But, done well, will take time, but last longer and look better. So, its worth more effort.

*Start with shaped nails and clean cuticles.
Use a very fine file to prevent splitting like our Crystal Stone.

*Before applying any polish, clean the surface of your nail with alcohol to remove any oils. The #1 Clean pad in our Natural Nail Care System also does a great job at this in addition to removing stains and ridges.

*Apply a base coat. Not a clear polish, it is formulated to adhere to the nail and then to the polish. Its purpose is to help polish stay on longer, go on smoother by filling slight ridges and to prevent staining.

*Next, put on two coats of polish. Wipe any polish off the cuticle immediately with a an
orange wood stick or our handy Polish remover pen. Always start with your pinkies and that way you will not be working over the most recently polished nail.

*Apply a clear top coat. You can wait to ad this coat an hour or so, or even a day later.
Invest in an inexpensive polish dryer. It will be well worth it.
As long as you don't have any chipping or peeling in a day or two, you can add another coat of clear. This will cover any scratches to make your manicure go farther.

If you don't care for colored polish or like a natural look, you will love our Natural Nail Care System. It is a complete health and hygiene system. The 4 steps give your nails a high gloss finish that uses the natural oils in your nail. The finish gives you the protection that polish would do. The end result is a sealed nail surface that is protected from chemical absorption. So, it also prepares and protects the nail if you choose to use polish.
Oh, and it's really great for men and children.

Read the rest of the article. It will tell you what you need to know to take care of your nails and cuticles at home. It will answer the questions about Why your nails keep getting that recurring split and What to look for in a Professional Manicurist. I am going to tell you What to be aware of in sanitation procedures in salons, and a whole lot more.

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I hope it is both entertaining and educational.

Be good to your nails.
Terri Stanley