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Our Fizzy Clean Manicure System Includes:
Glass Bowl
Fizzy Clean Effervecent Balls(10)
Nail Brush
Three Way Buffer
Glass File
Sanding Stick
Orange Wood Sticks(4pk)
The Cuticle Oil 1/2 oz.

Our Fizzy Clean Manicure System cleans and conditions the fingernails and cuticles. It will prepare them for any desired top treatment or left clean and natural with a beautiful shine. Works on the most stubborn stains.

Great for the Gardener or mechanic in the family!
It is important to do all your filing on dry nails. Shape the free edge of your nail with the The Glass File . Use the Three Way Buffer on top of the nail. First using the Black side, then the White side and finish with the Gray side. Use the Sanding Stick to smooth out any ridges underneath the nail. Add one Fizzy Ball to warm water in the Glass Bowl. Soak finger tips for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently push back your cuticles with your Orange Wood Stick . Scrub with Nail Brush on top and underneath. If you use polish of any kind, use your Orange Wood Stick to wipe off any that gets on your cuticle immediately. Wait for polish to dry. Apply The Cuticle Oil and let it absorb or you can rub it in. Use The Cuticle Oil daily or more often if needed.