Artificial Nail Removal System

Artificial Nail Removal System
Price: Stock #: ARRS39
Our Artificial Nail Removal System includes:
Two Soaking Bowls
Pure Acetone 8oz.
Lint Free Towels (2)
Orange Wood Sticks(4pk)
Three Way Buffer
Glass File
Elasticoat 1/2 oz.
The Cuticle Oil 1/2 oz.
Sanding Stick
Nail Brush.

Our Artificial Nail Removal System allows you to remove artificial nails gently and effectively in the comfort of your own home. This system uses the harsh chemical Pure Acetone but, insures that you will have the least amount of damage to your natural nails by not having them filed or pryed off. Works with Gel and Acrylic nail products.

No Formaldehyde
No Toluene
Use one Lint Free Towel to protect the surface where you will be working. Choose this location carefully where you will be comfortable and you have a stable surface. Use extreme caution with acetone.
Carefully pour half of the acetone into each soaking bowl. Submerge your fingertips into the acetone and wait for 10 minutes. The Glass Stones are there to give you something to do while you wait and to speed the process. You may like to have someone place the other Lint Free Towel over your hands while you wait to reduce evaporation and odor. Use an Orange Wood Stick to scrap off the artificial nail product as it gets soft. Replace your fingertips and repeat until all of the product is removed. Scrub the tops of your nails and underneath with your Nail Brush and soap and water. Shape the free edge of the nail with the Glass File . Lightly use the Three Way Buffer on the tops of your nails, first using the Black side, then the white side, and finish with the gray side. Be careful not to over file the tops of your nails if they are very thin. Use Sanding Stick to clean any ridges or stains underneath the nail. Wash your hands once more and dry throughly. Apply two coats of Elasicoat. After it is dry, apply The Cuticle Oil daily or as often as needed.

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