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MD Apothecary, Strong Nails


A tool for healthy hair, skin and nails. Contains PABA; deficiencies in PABA are associated with premature graying of hair. This product aids in digestion of protein and assimilation of the minerals necessary for hair, skin, and nail health and contains saw palmetto, known to control the body's production of DHT which can be an instigator of premature hair loss. Has MSM, an aid in the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which is important for generation of connective tissues for everything from hair to cartilage to skin.
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"My nails got stronger and shinier just like they used to be 30+ years ago. I stopped for a few months then the nails started to break off again. It's a great product but just like food, we need to keep on taking. Thank you for a great product."
by Naree Sukumoljan
"For six years, my nails have been very thin and painful and would not grow. I started taking Strong Nails 3 months ago and unbelievably my nails are growing in stronger than ever. I am so excited to have nails again. I didn't think this product would work, as nothing has in the past. I am amazed."
by Jackie Thompson
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