How to copy (or cut)and paste.
-Hightlight the text by holding the mouse button down and rubbing over it.
-Right click to get a drop down menu.
-Scroll down and select copy.
-Go to the area where you want to paste.
-Right click to get a drop down menu.
-Select paste.
How to use the coupon codes.
Copy and paste the code into the box that ask for it.
You will see the box on the order page after you have entered your desired quanity and clicked "add to cart".
How to turn off Pop up Blocker
There are a lot of ways to accomplish this and almost every tool bar has a different setting. In most cases the easiet way is to hold the Control button at the same time as pressing the link which produces the pop-up to allow it.
Here is a good resource for more detail on working with your pop-up blocker. Click Here
Use your Browsers back button or click below.